Veliko Tarnovo presented in China

Tourism opportunities in Veliko Tarnovo will be presented in a magazine of the World Tourism Cities Federation that spreads in China. There will also be a presentation on the internet platform of the international organisation and the necessary information materials will be provided by the Municipal Tourism Agency “Tsarevgrad Tarnov.” This became clear during the visit of a delegation from the World Federation in Veliko Tarnovo. Deputy Mayor Snezhana Daneva-Ivanova and the chairman of the Municipal Council Ventsislav Spiridonov met with the Deputy Secretary-General of the organization Li Baochum, the adviser Zhao Xin and the representative of the administrative department Wu Makin. During the meeting there were discussed topics related to the marketing of tourism cities and the investments in the field of tourism. The representatives of the World Tourism Cities Federation said that Eastern Europe and Bulgaria are still not sufficiently popular in the Asian country as tourist destinations, but besides that Veliko Tarnovo is among the recognisable cities. They combined their visit in the old town with a participation in the first meeting of mayors from the countries in Central and Eastern Europe and China “16+1”.

Veliko Tarnovo has been part of the World Tourism Cities Federation since 2013. Оver 151 cities and tourism organisations from all over the world are members of the organisation. The tourism potential of the town and the municipality is presented by the Municipal Tourism Agency “Tsarevgrad Tarnov” during the global meetings held in the previous three years. The stands of Veliko Tarnovo and the presentations of the rich cultural and historical heritage and the opportunities for cultural tourism enjoy a great deal of popularity.

The emblematic “Shishman’s Bath” in the town undergoes restoration

“Shishman’s Bath” – one of the emblematic buildings in Veliko Tarnovo, undergoes renovation with funds from an European programme. The activity is part of the project for conservation, restoration and exposure of the cultural treasure in the “Asenov” neighbourhood. The funding is to the amount of BGN 725 000 and the deadline for completion of the works is 30 April 2017.

Recent improvements to the former bath include the installation of a protective structure on which there will be built a roof.

The project “Cultural heritage of the town of Veliko Tarnovo as a focal point of European cultural diversity” started with fortification of the western walls of “Shishman’s Bath”. The conservation intervention consists of modelled building on the other walls, restoration of the pillars of the hypocaust system to their actual height and restoration of the vaulted roof of the northern room and the actual floor. As a basis, there will be used the preserved remains and the observations during the archaeological excavations. It is envisaged the installation of a fence between the cultural monument and the street as well as building of a robust shielding structure guaranteeing protection of the original. The terrain around “Shishman’s Bath” will also be improved.

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