BGN 725 000 are provided by the European Economic Area under a project won by the municipality.

The site is a public municipal property and it is located in the “Asenov” neighbourhood near the “St. Peter and St. Paul” church and the medieval church “St. Ivan Rilski”.

The project “Cultural heritage of the town of Veliko Tarnovo as a focal point of European cultural diversity” envisages the conservation, restoration and shielded exposure of “Shishman’s Bath”, which is a standalone cultural treasure of national significance. The deadline for implementation is up to 30 April 2017.

The еmergency measures begin with the fortification of its main walls from the west. The conservation intervention consists of modelled building on the other walls, restoration of the pillars of the hypocaust system to their actual height and restoration of the vaulted roof of the northern room and the actual floor. As a basis, there will be used the preserved remains and the observations during the archaeological excavations.

It is envisaged the installation of a fence between the cultural monument and the street as well as building of a robust shielding structure guaranteeing protection of the original. The terrain around “Shishman’s Bath” will be improved. There are also envisaged measures to highlight the uniqueness of the cultural treasure. Upon completion of the project the waste management will be performed in a way as to protect the environment.

Източник: CityBuild.bg
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