The main objective of the project “Cultural heritage of the town of Veliko Tarnovo as a focal point of European cultural diversity” is the renovation and restoration of the cultural heritage in the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality as a focal point of European cultural diversity. The activities are consistent with the objectives of Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of the cultural heritage” as well as with the overall objective of programme BG 08: achieving greater institutional and public participation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage in the European cultural exchange context and contributing to the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage for future generations. In line with the requirements of Measure 1 it is also envisaged part of the project activities to be aimed at achieving the best results in the integration of the Roma population on the territory of the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality.

The project corresponds to the following normative documents:

  • Cultural Heritage Act;
  • Culture Protection and Development Act;
  • Draft of the National Strategy for the Development of Culture;
  • Framework Programme for Equal Integration of Roma in the Bulgarian Society;
  • National Strategy for Roma Integration of the Republic of Bulgaria (2012-2020);
  • Initiative “Decade of Roma Inclusion: 2005-2015”;
  • Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities;
  • European Platform for Roma inclusion, and 10 general policy approaches to Roma inclusion, adopted on 8 June 2009 by the EU Council;
  • Framework Programme for Equal Integration of Roma in Bulgarian Society;
  • World Programme of UNESCO and “Education for All” of the UN;
  • European Culture Programme /November 2007/;
  • Convention on the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe (SG 42 dated 28.05.1991);
  • UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage;
  • UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, ratified by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The target groups who will actually benefit from the project: 

the implementation of the project will directly benefit the local population of the town of Veliko Tarnovo and the Veliko Tarnovo Municipality (93 321 people – according to Civil Registration and Administrative Services).

Direct beneficiaries under the project:

Those working in the Tourist Information Centre, the engaged planners, archaeologists, builders, suppliers.

Final beneficiaries:

*The population of the neighboring municipalities (32 602 people) and districts (1 589 119 people); The increased attractiveness of the region through diversification of the tourist product offered and the creation of conditions for attracting new investments are the benefit from the successful project completion.

*Tourists and guests of the municipality (350 000 people). Tourists with a strong affinity for cultural and historic attraction will benefit from improved infrastructure and product offerings. The forecast is for an increase in the number of future tourists.

*High school and university students (25 000 people). The renovated “Shishman’s Bath” is a great facility for holding outdoor history lessons for the students as well as for practice of the archeology and history students. The facility provides an opportunity for organising forums, festivals, celebrations, workshops, exhibitions and other cultural events.

*Local and foreign business (over 14 000 companies, including 1700 foreign companies); Better environment for work, leisure and life as a whole can be seen as a kind of prerequisite for intensified investor interest and stimulation of the economic activity of the municipality. The restoration of a cultural and historical heritage site and the creation of a tourist attraction will give impetus to development in the field of tourist accommodation (funds for shelter and accommodation locations); services in the field of catering; tourist information and tour guide activities.

*Municipal administration. It is the major beneficiary under the project, given the fact that the powers of the municipality include the obligation for maintenance and development of the cultural and historical heritage. The municipality will benefit from the financial support under the project as additional aid falling outside the scope of the municipal budget for the sustainable development of tourism infrastructure. Museum workers will be trained and prepared to offer the new service – a guided tour at the “Shishman’s Bath”.

*Regional History Museum and the Tourist Information Centre (287 people);

*Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (27);

*Tourist flows and demand.

Expected results:

As a result of the activities for conservation of “Shishman’s Bath” the following results are expected to be achieved:

  • Renovated and restored monument of national significance in Veliko Turnovo Municipality as a focal point of European cultural diversity in line with the objectives of Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of the cultural heritage;
  • Performed exposure and socialisation by conducting “open” lessons and Festival of Roma culture;
  • Created sustainable opportunities for intellectual and personal development, cultivated qualities of intolerance towards social aggression and increased tolerance towards the others through the socialisation of the site;
  • Increased quality of life of the disadvantaged people including the ethnic minorities and Roma;
  • Guaranteed rights of cultural identity, equality, contact with cultural values, knowledge about the history and culture of our country, information on the cultural heritage, quality living environment for the residents and tourists;
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